Price list


private entrepreneur from 15.000 HUF+ÁFA/month

Bt. and Kkt. from 15.000 HUF+ÁFA/month

Kft. from 25.000 HUF+ÁFA/month

Rt. from 50.000 HUF+ÁFA/month

Foundation from 25.000 HUF+ÁFA/month

Non-profit organisation from 25.000 HUF+ÁFA/month

Sleeping company from 8.000 HUF+ÁFA/month

Payroll calculation  from 2.000 HUF+ÁFA/month/person

Tax-advising  8.000 HUF+ÁFA/ 30 mins

Counting Regulation  from 6.000 HUF+ÁFA

We can make other regulations in case of need as well!


Our "from" prices are based on the complication and time of work to do with each company (amount of bills, payroll calculation of persons in the business, amount and frequency of tax papers and avowals). We calculate different prices for our clients based on the above parameters after a personal consultation.

Napi teszt

Napi Tipp

A ‘rajtakapott’ feketemunkásra a megyei felügyelőség első körben 50 ezertől-2 millió forintig terjedő munkaügyi bírságot szabhat ki.